The Race for the World

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As always, on the second Tuesday in November, of every four years, we have a Presidential election and this year it is going to be tough, the race is too close to call.
Besides been one of the most controversial, it is one of the most difficult to choose from, even if you are a definitive member of a party. That is because the candidates also are not so welcomed in their own political territory.
The democrats are more united than ever but not so much of the people and the republicans are against each other with their own candidate, Donald Trump.
So who will decide the real truth of the election, probably the latino community, that´s because it feels punished by Donald Trump and is lean the scale towards Mrs. Clinton and the republicans are so divided that their candidate will crash in that specific date.
What does the country need? peace, stability, and assurance that everything is going to be the same, that continuity will keep going by it self.
So, with all the yelling and gestures, somebody will not win, and he will claim that it was a fraud. As you read, remember this words, if Donald Trump does not win, he will outburst of rage, making more difficult for the electoral delegates to make a call, but the dice are in the air and we will find out on that day.

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